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#Agenda2030: Zakat requires Muslims to donate 2.5% of their wealth: could this end poverty? By Zainulbahar Noor and Francine Pickup

Estimated at almost $2tn in 2015, Islamic finance is often overlooked by development organisations as a potential source of funds A student reads the Qur’an at the Al-Ashriyyah Nurul Iman Islamic boarding school in Indonesia, the largest Muslim-majority country. Photograph: Tatan Syuflana/AP   Usman, a fisherman in North Sumatra, used to have a

An incomplete picture of the humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad region, by Marc-Antoine Pérouse de Montclos

Fleeing the Boko Haram. Nigerians on the shores of Lake Chad. Photo: EC/ECHO/Anouk Delafortrie. CC-BY via Flickr

The broader context of the humanitarian crisis in the Lake Chad region, particularly in Borno State in the northeast of Nigeria, remains largely unknown to a Western audience, and in the media coverage it is mostly the stories about Boko Haram’s atrocities that are being told.   Fleeing the Boko Haram. Nigerians

Time to plant seeds and cultivate peace in the Lake Chad Basin, by José Graziano Da Silva, DG of FAO

  In the two decades before 2015, West Africa made notable strides in reducing hunger, reducing the number of hungry people by more than 60 percent, well ahead of its Millennium Development Goal pledge. Yet today in Nigeria – one of the region’s star performers in that period – we now see

World Merit Ghana’s quest to raise awareness about the SDGs, by Joshua Kobla Adzakpa

The United Nations adopted the Global Agenda for Sustainable Development on 25 September, 2015; the 2030 Agenda is a set of seventeen (17) interrelated goals with 169 targets between them. The Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are a universal call to transformative action; an inclusive agenda designed to eradicate poverty, protect

Begging: a state of conscience hindering development

By  Sani Ahmed Begging as an earnestly or humbling means of seeking for alms has now become a socio-economic catastrophe retarding the development of any nation embedded in it. The perpetual thought of every being is to be opulent, to bemollified and not to be diagnosed of any form of diseases.When

OP-ED: Harnessing Africa’s Demographic Dividend through Investment in Youth, by Collins Okonkwo

  In accelerating the implementation of these commitments, young people need to engage the leadership of the African Union commission (AUC), national governments, and policymaking institutions on how to harness the demographic dividend, which is crucial for the attainment of both the Agenda 2063 and the 2030 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs)   Africa's

OP-ED: Obsession with ending poverty is where development is going wrong, By Efosa Ojomo

SDG1: End poverty in all its forms everywhere

How can we alleviate extreme poverty? It’s the question that underpins the UN sustainable development goals (SDGs), and almost all development projects. Because poverty almost always shows itself as a lack of resources in poor communities – food, safe water, sanitation, education, healthcare – it’s reasonable to theorise that poverty is


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