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Hawaja: ‘abduction of women by terror groups ridiculous, unislamic.’

Hawaja: abduction of women by terror groups ‘ridiculous and an opposite of Islam.’

Khadija Hawaja, an Islamic scholar and countering violent extremism expert, was until recently political and gender advisor at the Geneva-headquartered Centre for Humanitarian Dialogue (HD) and a member of several other global NGOs working around countering violent extremism including Sisters Against Violent Extremism (SAVE) and Women Without Borders. Here, she speaks

“How CCCPA is using Islamic Shariah to prevent violent extremism in Africa”

CCCPA's director general Ashraf Swalem

Ashraf Swelam is director general of the Cairo International Center for Conflict Resolution and Peacekeeping in Africa (CCCPA). Here, he speaks about the Centre’s Preventing Radicalisation and Extremism Leading to Terrorism (PRELT) project in Nigeria and Somalia     CCCPA uses Islamic Shariah to provide alternative narrative to the narratives of terrorists groups


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